How to Activate Avast Cleanup Premium Subscription Using an Activation Code

Avast Cleanup Premium scans your pc to acknowledge issues which may be dealing with space or disturbing the performance from the PC and allows you to decide which issues are removed or resolved.

After purchase, you need to activate Avast Cleanup Premium, your product or service is activated instantly. Sometimes, it may be necessary to by hand enter your activation code. An activation code is incorporated inside the order confirmation email sent to you after purchase.

This informative article assumes that Avast Cleanup Fees are a installed on your pc. For installation instructions, reference the following article :

» Installing Avast Cleanup Premium

If you work with Avast Anti-virus, you’ll be able to execute a preliminary scan by opening your Avast interface on on and on to Performance » Cleanup Premium » Scan Now. To complete additional scans or resolve found issues, you need to buy a Avast Cleanup Premium subscription.

In the event you already purchased and installed Avast Cleanup Premium, double-click the Cleanup Premium icon on your hard drive, then decide which scan you have to perform by clicking the right tile :

  • Maintenance: an extensive scan that detects damaged or redundant products within the system in addition to tracking data.
  • Speed Up: scans for unnecessary programs in addition to programs launched during system startup that are still running without anyone’s knowledge.
  • Free Up Space: scans for leftover files created by the system, programs, or installers (such as temporary, log, and cached files, including browser data) which may be taking up large amounts of disk space on your PC.
  • Fix Problems: scans for unusual system settings which may be affecting the reliability of your PC’s behavior.

For detailed information about each scan, read the following article :

» How to use Avast Cleanup Premium

Follow these steps to activate Avast Cleanup Premium subscription :

1. Open your order confirmation email.

2. Scroll down to the Installation Instructions section of the email and copy the activation code.

3. Double-click the Avast Cleanup Premium icon on your desktop to open the program.

4. Enter the activation code into the text box that appears over the Cleanup Premium interface.

5. Click OK.

You are able to take a look at Cleanup Premium subscription details from Settings » Subscription.