How to Activate Avast Passwords Premium with Activation Code

Avast Antivirus is really a group of internet security software applications produced by Avast Software for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Android. The Avast Anti-virus products include free and proprietary mix-platform versions that offer computer security, browser security, anti-virus software, firewall, anti-phishing, anti-spy ware and anti-junk e-mail among other services.

Passwords is a user friendly password manager. It safely stores your sensitive information and allows you to rapidly sign in to your web accounts and finish web forms. Avast Passwords will easily auto-fill login information for all your accounts, so it’s not necessary to go in exactly the same info each time.

Many browsers offer to keep your identity information, however, this isn’t very secure and could be easily hacked. If you use Avast Passwords you are able to rapidly import any information kept in your browsers, and make certain it’s stored with top quality security.

Once you buy an Avast Passwords Premium subscription, you are able to activate your program using the activation code incorporated inside your order confirmation email.


This short article applies simply to Avast Passwords for Windows, which isn’t like standalone application and may simply be activated through the Avast Anti-virus interface.

Follow these steps to Activate Avast Passwords Premium :

1. Upgrade to the latest version of Avast Antivirus. Refer to the following article for more information:

2. Open the Avast user interface and click Settings.

3. Select the Subscription tab from the left panel, and click Insert activation code at the top of the Subscription screen.

4. Copy the activation code from your Avast Passwords order confirmation email.

5. Paste the activation code into the text field, then click Activate.


Ensure that the entire activation code is displayed in capital letters.

Following the activation code is recognized, the written text Your product were activated seems within the Avast Passwords section. Details about your subscription like the expiry date and length of time remaining can also be visible.