How to Use Avast Cleanup

In case you still see GrimeFighter offers in your Avast, you need to certainly update for that new edition. Regrettably the assistance possess a cost but comes for almost any reasonable cost. Furthermore, there’s a no cost trial. Just the scan might be acquired free of charge. However furthermore, you will find Avast Cleanup for Android that’s totally free. It’ll as well as boost performance in the phone without you spending cash.

Avast Cleanup comes as part of the disposable Anti-virus, Pro Anti-virus, Internet Security Software or Premier. Or download and employ Avast Cleanup standalone application without needing Avast anti-virus.

Avast Cleanup is certainly an optimization tool which replaces GrimeFighter. Cleanup optimizes the machine by finding and removing obsolete files and disabling unnecessary applications and settings.

Avast Cleanup (sometimes incorrectly typed as ‘Clean Up’) is PC optimization and speed-up tool available in most Avast anti-virus solutions inside the version 2015.10.3.2224 .In This Particular This summer 2015 it essentially replaced Avast GrimeFighter that’s now outdated and never supported.

When Cleanup identifies performance issues, a study shows you skill to optimize the machine. You may even schedule automatic optimization scans, scan your registry, and examine your general system status. A web connection is needed to make use of Cleanup.

» Run a Cleanup Scan
» Schedule a Cleanup Scan
» Scan your Registry
» View your System Status
» Customize Cleanup Settings

Follow these steps to use Avast Cleanup :

Run a Cleanup Scan

To optimize the performance of your PC, run a Cleanup scan. Follow these steps :

1. In the Avast user interface, select Scan, then select Scan for performance issues.

Cleanup analyzes your system and specifies issues found in the Cleanup window.

2. Click Details to see more specific information about the Junk files, Unnecessary applications, and System settings that are affecting your system’s performance.

Click the arrows next to each category to show (or hide) the files and programs identified by Cleanup for removal.

3. Uncheck any items that you want to keep, then click Optimize my PC to remove the unnecessary files, applications, and settings from your system.

The Cleanup results notifies you when issues are successfully resolved.

Avast Cleanup results

Schedule a Cleanup Scan

Schedule an automated scan to run Cleanup regularly and keep your computer optimized. Follow these steps :

1. In the Cleanup window, select Schedule to open the Scheduling window.

2. Check the Schedule clean box, and select how often you want the scan to run.

Select the optional conditions that you want to apply to your automated scans.

3. Specify when you want the scan to launch, then click OK.

Your automated scan is scheduled. You will see or change a scheduled scan by using exactly the same steps. After by hand managing a Cleanup scan, you may also begin to see the time and date of the next scheduled scan within the Cleanup results window.

Scan your Registry

Scan your registry to further speed up your PC. Follow these steps :

1. In the Cleanup window, select Registry scan.

Cleanup analyzes your registry for potential issues, and indicates what can be done to improve the performance of your PC in the Registry scan window.

Click the Details arrow to show (or hide) more information about your registry.

2. Uncheck any items that you want to keep. Click Optimize my Registry to free up your registry space.

3. Click Continue to start the optimization and restart your computer.

4. Click Restart Now.

When your system restarts your registry is optimized for improved PC performance.

View your System Status

Cleanup enables you to view the overall status of your system at-a-glance, so that you can identify problem areas and take action if necessary.

In the Cleanup window, select System status.

The System status window opens. Here you can view current information about your system.

Avast Cleanup System Status

Customize Cleanup Settings

You can customize certain Cleanup settings. Follow these steps :

1. In the Cleanup window, click More, then select Settings.

2. Specify the number of issues to be found before Avast notifies you, and how frequently you want to receive notifications, then click OK.

Your Avast Cleanup settings are customized. You can change these settings at any time.