How to Disable Firewall in Avast Antivirus 2017

Avast Premier 2017 and Avast Internet Security Software 2017 incorporate a firewall. You are able to set application rules to look for the network and Internet communication for particular computer programs. The firewall uses these rules whenever a credit card applicatoin tries to connect with the web or any other network. These instructions let you know that to produce, adjust and configure the Avast firewall application rules for many common applications:

Although Firewall is very important feature, which prevents you against hacker attacks, sometimes you may want to power it down or pause for whatever reason, typically when it’s blocking use of some application you trust. Or you have other third party Firewall (e.g. Comodo Free Firewall). We certainly don’t recommend using Home windows Firewall over Avast Firewall.

Firewall is just area of the Avast top tier products – Avast Internet Security Software, and Avast Premier. It isn’t obtainable in the disposable version.

Disabling Firewall is very easy but we advise doing this only if your pc isn’t attached to the Internet, so you’ll avoid the potential online hackers. Essentially you’ve two options how you can disable it. Disable all Avast shields (including Web Shield, File System Shield, Mail Shield, Antispam, and Firewall), or disable just the Firewall component.

If you wish to disable Avast because it’s blocking program or website you trust, we recommend to make use of the Avast Exceptions/White-colored-list rather.

The next step-by-step how you can switch off Firewall :

Step 1 :

Open the Avast Interface

See your Avast interface by double-hitting the orange icon within the Home windows system tray. Or find Avast within the Home windows Start » Programs » Avast.

Once you’re in your soul should see following message within the status area ‘Firewall is active‘. Click ‘active‘ that will open following page. Alternatively you can check out ‘Tools‘ » ‘Firewall‘.

Step 2 :

Disable or Pause Avast Firewall

In the center of the page, underneath the Firewall status ‘Firewall is on‘, click the link ‘Turn off‘. You’ve four options – a) for ten minutes b) for one hour c) until computer restart d) permanently. It’s your decision which you’ll select. When the confirm dialog can look click ‘Yes‘.

Alternatively you may also disable Firewall from settings » ‘Components‘ » ‘Firewall‘ and altering the switcher from Onto OFF condition.

Step 3 :

Avast Firewall is Disabled

For those who have done everything based on our guide, your Avast status should switch to yellow color using the warning message ‘Firewall is switched off. Turn on‘.

To show it back on, simply click the ‘Turn on‘ link or perform the same steps while you did for turning them back.

If you wish to leave Firewall disabled permanently you are able to take it out of the status monitoring by visiting settings (cog wheel icon within the top-right corner) » ‘General‘ » ‘Status monitoring‘ » united nations-check ‘Firewall‘. Your Avast is going to be ‘green’ again without any warning, despite the fact that Firewall it’s still disabled.


Although we’ve used Avast Free Anti-virus 2016 screenshots in the following paragraphs, these steps will also be relevant for those Avast Anti-virus solutions (i.e. furthermore Avast Pro Anti-virus, Avast Internet Security Software, or Avast Premier) running the most recent version available.

Steps are relevant for those Windows versions – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (including Anniversary Update).

Switching off Avast firewall may leave your pc in danger.