How to Free Download and Install Avast SafeZone Browser 2017

Avast SafeZone (sometimes also incorrectly spelled as Safe Zone) is really a free browser from Avast based on Opera and running on Chromium engine. It comes as a component (not really a standalone application) with all of Avast anti-virus versions (Free Antivirus, Pro Antivirus, Internet Security and Premier) on Windows computers. Based on Avast, it’s probably the most secure browser available on the market.

SafeZone browser is essentially replacing old SafeZone feature inside the Avast paid products and it is available completely free of charge to anybody. The primary benefit of using SafeZone browser may be the Pay Mode of private online transactions (banking and shopping). Additionally, it includes helpful built-in plugins like Passwords, Ad Blocker, Video Downloader or Do-Not-Track. Regrettably you aren’t able to install every other plugins or add-ons, because of security risks.

SafeZone Browser is really a completely functional web browser from Avast with concentrate on security. Really it should be probably the most secure browser available on the market. Besides first class security it provides helpful features like Pay Mode, Ad Blocker and Video Downloader. Based on our performance test, it’s just slightly slower than Chrome and way quicker than Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Here is the primary page of Avast SafeZone browser. Design is extremely neat and modern, yet nothing surprising.

Full list of key features contains :

  • Top notch security provided by integrated anti-malware shield and anti-phishing scan
  • Pay Mode for doing online transactions (banking) in safe virtual environment (sandbox)
  • Integrated Ad Blocker plugin for browsing without intrusive advertisements
  • Integrated Video Downloader for downloading videos from YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Follow these steps to free download and install Avast SafeZone Browser 2017 :

The only method to download and install Avast SafeZone 2017 is along with the Avast anti-virus (including the free version). Technically it’s only a component of Avast, therefore it isn’t readily available for separate download or usage. You are able to just use it along with Avast.

To free download and install SafeZone browser 2017 adopt these measures :

1. Download latest version of Avast antivirus

2. Run Avast installer (avast_free_antivirus_setup_online.exe)

3. Select ‘Customize’ to make sure ‘SafeZone Browser‘ component is selected and confirm by clicking on ‘Install

Once the installation process is finished you’ll be able to open SafeZone browser within the desktop (orange circle icon with rudder) or from Avast interface under ‘Tools‘ » ‘SafeZone Browser‘.

SafeZone Installer Regrettably there’s no standalone installer for Avast SafeZone Browser 2017 for you to upload on USB stick for example. Therefore if you wish to install onto it on several computer, you should utilize the Avast Offline Installer.