How to Remove Toolbars, Extensions and Add-ons using Avast Browser Cleanup Tool

Avast Browser Cleanup can help you remove annoying toolbars, browser hijacker and redirect from popular Web browsers like Ie, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Its effective mechanism works well to uninstall malware component directly from the affected computer. In occasions that you’re unsure if you should take away the add-on, Avast includes a function to simply disable it. Disable just switches the functionality from the add-on and you may enable it when needed.

Avast Browser Cleanup Tool quickly scans your internet browser and produces a listing of all installed browser add-ons and toolbars. Then you’re able to choose to disable or take them off off individually.

Avast Browser Cleanup likewise helps you discover this malware while they are put insidewithin all the machine. It can instantly remove what’s considered an add-on or perhaps a ‘bad’ extension. For suspicious records, Avast Browser Cleanup provides you with the option of whether or not to delete or disable them.

“Remove” means here uninstall and take away the toolbar and many types of its components from your computer. This step can’t be un-tied. However, removing an add-on sometimes might not be preferred always since you may ‘t make sure what’s really behind this add-on. Due to this Avast Browser Cleanup offers some control “Disable”. Disable just switches in the functionality in the add-ons. The add-on itself persists on disk. You’ll be able to undo this step by simply clicking “Enable”. This could re-allow the add-on and many types of functionality has came back. Probably you need to restart your online Browser, however.

Nowadays almost any free software application application for Windows includes some virtually undesirable add-ons which are mostly the cash cow for your product vendor. Generally a Browser add-on (a so referred to as toolbar) is installed. A couple of of those toolbars boast of being in some manner useful. However, generally you can use them to judge the customer preferences and behavior and send this data along with other vendors where it’s familiar with present user specific ads. A number of these toolbars are annoying for your user: Tracking details are being sent to some backend servers.

Avast Browser Cleanup Tool Key Features and Benefits – What it Does?

  • Removes bad extension/add-ons or unwanted ads from your browser
  • Fixes hijacked starting page (homepage) or default search provider settings in your browser
  • Supports all major browsers – Google Chrome 29+, Mozilla Firefox 23+ and Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, 11
  • Completely free to download and use; no installation required

Follow these steps to Remove Toolbars, Extensions and Add-ons using Avast Browser Cleanup Tool :

When you download this program Avast Browser Cleanup Tool, run the file known as ‘avast-browser-cleanup-sfx.exe‘. Avast Browser Cleanup will instantly perform first scan of the browsers and display all add-ons with bad status.

Around the screenshot below you will see Browser Cleanup identified ‘GeoSurf’, ‘Search Lotto Toolbar’ and ‘Norton Safe Search’ because the low quality ones which must be removed.

To eliminate all listed bad add-ons, just click nowhere button ‘Remove all add-ons’. To accomplish the cleanup process you’ll need also pick the default provider for search and homepage. You’ll be able to select between Yahoo, Bing, Google, Wolfram Alpha or keep the actual one. If you select a single click nowhere button ‘Complete Free Cleanup‘ to accomplish the procedure.

You will want to get the following screen saying ‘Your browsers are clean again‘. Just click on ‘Close’ and that’s all, now all the bad stuff needs to be gone forever from your browser.

What if you run the disposable cleanup and have bad add-ons inside your browser? You are able to remove them off by hand using Avast Browser Cleanup.

Remove Specific Toolbars, Extension and Add-ons Manually

To get rid of some specific add-on out of your browser run the Avast Browser Cleanup tool and navigate to among the browser tabs on the left. Should you not begin to see the preferred add-on within the list, don’t worry the good/safe extensions are hidden by default. Just un-check the option ‘Exclude add-ons with a good rating‘ towards the bottom and all sorts of installed add-ons is going to be displayed.

To get rid of them simply click the ‘Remove’ button and ensure the default search and homepage settings.

Reset to Default Search and Homepage Settings

Plenty of bad toolbars, extensions and viruses are altering your default search provider and/or beginning page of the browser. Since they earn money from it. Sometimes it might be really challenging back your old default search and homepage settings. With Avast Browser Cleanup tool it really is easy.

Run the Avast Browser Cleanup and navigate to browser tab that you would like your search/homepage settings back. When you are there click the blue button ‘Reset settings‘ within the top-right corner. Confirm the new search/homepage settings and you’re done.

List of Detected Toolbars, Extensions and Add-ons

Using Avast Browser Cleanup you are able to remove/uninstall following toolbars, extensions and add-ons from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer :

  • Search Protect by Conduit, Conduit Search Toolbar,
  • AdChoice Pop-up Ads
  • Babylon Toolbar (Search the web (Babylon))
  • Pop-up Ads
  • Delta Search (, Delta Toolbar
  • Search
  • Facemoods Toolbar
  • Offers4U Ads
  • Visual Shopper Ads
  • Search
  • SearchWeb Toolbar
  • WebSearch Toolbar, Homepage
  • Search-Results Toolbar
  • Toolbar, Search
  • Astromenda Search
  • Buzzdock Ads (Ads by Buzzdock)
  • Extended Update by Hoolapp
  • RocketTab Ads
  • Wajam Ads
  • Yontoo Ads, Yontoo Layers
  • Toolbar, Groovorio Search
  • MyPCBackup Toolbar
  • Dregol Search
  • Search
  • Search
  • Toolbar, Search
  • Mindspark Toolbar
  • Fast Start Tab
  • DealPly Pop-up Ads
  • Iminent Toolbar (
  • MyStart by IncrediBar
  • Sweetpacks Toolbar
  • SweetIM Toolbar

Please note this isn’t the complete list, only the list of the very most ‘popular‘ ones. Actually Browser Cleanup detects a lot more.

The tool labored easily throughout our evaluation, without hanging, crashing or prompting error messages. CPU and RAM consumption was minimal, therefore it did not hamper system performance.

Bad it does not offers support for further browsers. Nonetheless, Avast Browser Cleanup provides a easy and effective way of removing undesirable toolbars and add-ons from IE, Chrome and Firefox, also it can be seamlessly handled by anybody.