Review of Avast SafeZone Browser 2017 and Browser Performance Test

Avast Safezone Browser is Chromium Based Web browser that’s introduced with Avast Free Anti-virus like a Component. It’ll get set up in your computer if you install Avast Free Anti-virus.

Though lots of people believe it is userful and helpful in utilizing it as it can safeguard you from online infections or malwares but also for a number of users, it’s as being a boundary plus they wish to dispose from such browser. Could be the look or feel ‘s the main reason or any other things. But great deal of people make an effort to uninstall or remove it completely. Since it isn’t an individual software, it can’t be taken off readily or uninstalled. But there are lots of methods or techniques to Uninstall it entirely.

In the event you too need to uninstall or remove Avast SafeZone Browser directly from your machine then just see the simple guide on this link.

Based on Avast, Avast Safezone Browser can be a browser that really works like all other, supplying you with access to the internet. Important different, is it has security features built-in to safeguard your privacy, prevent hacker attacks, making browsing a far greater experience.

Additionally they condition that Avast SafeZone Browser will :

  • Filter out web pages that have a poor reputation.
  • Block annoying ads.
  • Allow you to download videos directly from video hosting sites so you can enjoy them anytime.
  • Stop malicious extensions from being added to your browser.
  • Protect you on banking sites by isolating your browser session so that it can’t be tracked.

Follow these steps to review of Avast SafeZone Browser 2017 and browser performance test :

Avast SafeZone Browser Features in Detail

1. Ad Blocker – No More Advertisements While Browsing

One of the pre-installed built-in plugins is Ad Blocker. Recently it elevated some debate whether it’s fair for doing things along with a couple of sites even restricted pleased to users who’re using any type of ad blocking. Round the image below you will see Ad Blocker blocked 12 different ads on Huffington Publish site.

Ad Blocker in Avast SafeZone runs fully automatic and there’s there’s there is no need to put it together. Just see the web of course and many types of ads are blocked. To look for the quantity of ads blocked click on the red icon ‘AD’ inside the navigation panel. You may even disable Ad Block for particular domain or block almost every other specific ad (element) round the page.

2. Pay Mode – Do Your Banking & Shopping in Total Privacy

Most likely probably the most intriguing, notable and unique feature of SafeZone browser is Pay Mode. It basically opens any page in the virtual atmosphere (sandbox) that’s completely isolated from your system. Meaning any keylogger or hacker can’t visit your work or what’s passwords. Even the system can’t be infected in the event you visit some ‘shady’ site.

Pay Mode is instantly triggered for the majority of the internet banking sites. In situation your bank isn’t available you can enter Pay Mode by clicking the charge card icon close to the navigation panel (top-right corner). You’ll be able to tell page is opened up in Pay Mode once the tab has eco-friendly charge card icon and font.

3. Video Downloader – Download Videos From YouTube With Single Click

Finally may be the Video Downloader, again a pre-installed built-in wordpress plugin. It can make it quite simple to download videos for your computer from popular servers like YouTube or Vimeo. Mostly within the MP4 format.

To download video simple hover in regards to this as well as the orange download icon look (begin to see the screenshot above). Simply click about it and video will start installing on your computer to be able to listen to it into it whenever later, even if you’re offline.

Performance Test – Avast SafeZone Browser vs. Google Chrome vs. Mozilla Firefox vs. Internet Explorer

Aside from the security element, one of the most important browser qualities is performance and speed. We’ve compared SafeZone browser from the market : Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. And surprisingly Avast SafeZone is really fast, nearly as Chrome!

Using various available tools for browser performance testing we discovered following. Chrome (green bar) remains the fastest browser available on the market, scoring high scores in most tests. While SafeZone (orange bar) may be the second fastest browser nowadays. Firefox is in some way in it and Internet Explorer is definitely the slowest one.

Final performance test results are highlighted around the chart above. The greater the score is, the faster the browser is. You’ll find additional information about how we tested within the ‘Additional Notes’ section in the finish of this article.

Avast SafeZone Browser Review & Test Conclusion

We certainly find Avast SafeZone browser effective, fast and secure. Pay Mode may be the greatest advantage and technically it can make the browser truly the most dependable one available on the market. It lacks some personalization like custom plugins, but which makes it much more guaranteed. It’s an ideal option for common Internet users. And if you like Opera, you’ll certainly love SafeZone.

Trying to get rid of SafeZone Browser? Check out our guide ‘How to Uninstall/Remove Avast SafeZone Browser‘.